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On a search for a more purposeful life, Chigozie Bashua embarked on a holiday trip to the United Kingdom in 2012 and one day, she went grocery shopping. Discovering healthy flours on the aisle, she wondered why the nuts grown in Nigeria was not given the amount of attention it deserved. She did a research on the nutritional benefits of several nuts and how it will change the lives of people who needed these healthy food products as part of their diet, people diagnosed with several diseases and needed gluten-free and lactose-free food.

Recognizing that importation of healthy food, inefficient processing and lack of digital systems within the processing value chain which led to increased food prices were some issues fueling food insecurity within the country, she decided to be part of the agricultural food chain to contribute to resolving these issues.

The next day, she visited a medium sized processing company in Tottenham and got a crash course on nut processing. Returning back to Nigeria, The Nut Place was registered and that started the journey of nut processing.

The Nut Place commenced operations in 2016 but became a Limited Liability Company in 2020. 


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Our Mission and Promise

According to Food and Agriculture Organization, approximately 114 million people in West Africa, which is roughly one-fifth of the population, are undernourished.
In Nigeria, approximately 56 million people, which is roughly 28% of the population, are undernourished especially women and children.
Food Insecurity is one of the leading causes of malnutrition, with 27 million people in West Africa facing acute food insecurity, representing a 12% increase from 2022.
An estimated 26.5 million people in Nigeria are projected to face acute hunger during the June-August 2024 lean season, a significant increase from the 18.6 million people food insecure at the end of 2023.
The Nut Place is tackling food insecurity through innovation of edible nuts into healthy food alternatives that are affordable and accessible to Nigerians. We are a social enterprise that is committed to using sustainable production methods and best practices to create innovative food products that cater to a wide range of dietary needs. Through our focus on sustainability and social responsibility, we aim to make a positive impact on our customers, our community, and the environment.
Our goals are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 2,5, 8 and 12.

At The Nut Place, we are passionate about putting healthy food in the hands of more Africans because healthy food is one of the solutions to preventing terminal illnesses.

In promoting not just a healthy lifestyle but a circular economy, The Nut Place improves the ecosystem through her sustainability plan by recycling any food waste generated from processing food.

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